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Kowanj Australasia Limited

" A Passion for Care - The Ability to Deliver"

Who We Are

Kowanj Australasia Limited is a registered charity and community-led organisation established in response to the emerging social, educational, and employment needs of African refugees & new and emerging communities in Australia. We utilise our cultural expertise to address the social & unemployment problem for refugee migrants by working exclusively with communities, training organisations and local businesses to increase economic participation, create long-term employment outcomes, reduce poverty, and help people re-integrate and progress effectively to become independent and empowered.

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Our Partners


Our Vision

We aspire to uplift, encourage and support the disadvantaged, marginalized & vulnerable communities through economic empowerment.

We seek to work to foster, sustainability, development, and independence.

Maximize potential and strengthen communities through physical, emotional, financial, and interpersonal development.

Our Mission

Advocate & respond to the emerging social, employment, and educational needs of the African refugees, and new & emerging communities.

Empower women and youth through a series of targeted leadership programs.
Enables community growth, efficiency, civic engagement & social cohesion.


Our Services

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