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Employment Programs

At Kowanj, we are committed to ensuring that you find an environment that is culturally safe & appropriate, which allows you to realise and unleash your potential.​ Kowanj assures you we know what it takes to recruit, select and retain the best people. Everything we do relates to realising the best potential in people and companies.​


Kowanj is a place where you, as a candidate, will be prepared for employment through our customised pre-employment, pre-training, and mentoring programs in a relaxed and friendly environment. We will work with you to build your confidence, empower and get you job-ready. We will look over your experience and qualifications and set pathways for you to enter the workforce.​


Our head office is based in North Melbourne, a short walk from North Melbourne Railway Station, making it easy for job seekers who do not drive or hold licenses to find us easily.​ We offer all the necessary facilities and support to provide peace of mind during training and employment. Our goal is to create a place where people can feel free to express themselves in a culturally appropriate manner.

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