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Employer Assistance

As a potential employer, partnering with Kowanj means accessing tailored solutions for your staffing needs. Our customised pre-employment and pre-training programs are designed to prepare candidates, ensuring they are ready to contribute effectively to your team. We carefully assess candidates' backgrounds, qualifications, and aspirations, providing clear pathways for their integration into your workforce.

We are dedicated to assisting employers in finding the perfect fit for their workforce, ensuring our participants can fully realise their potential with the employers they are placed with. We are strongly committed to recruiting, selecting, and retaining top talent.

Conveniently located in North Melbourne, just a short walk from North Melbourne Railway Station, our offices are easily accessible for employers and candidates. We provide all necessary facilities and support to streamline the hiring process and ensure a seamless transition for new hires. At Kowanj, we aim to create an inclusive environment where individuals can thrive and contribute their unique talents to your organisation.


Services for Employers


Cultural Awareness Training

Objective: Enhance workplace cultural competence and diversity understanding.

Key Offerings:

  1. Cross-Culture Communication: Develop effective communication strategies across diverse cultural backgrounds.

  2. Ongoing Support and Training: Continuous guidance on communicating with culturally diverse employees.

  3. Handling Cultural Differences: Strategies for addressing and resolving cultural disparities in the workplace.

  4. Components: Focus on attitude, knowledge, and skill development for cultural competency.

  5. Language Barrier Solutions: Techniques to overcome language barriers in communication.

Key Topics Covered:

  • Beliefs, values, work/family/ethnic culture

  • Sensitivities/taboos

  • Gender roles

  • Name Pronunciation

  • Communication barriers

  • Empowering young employees

Employer Required Training

At Kowanj, we understand that employers and industries require different skill sets and expertise. That's why we provide tailored and customized training for our participants that match the employer and industry they're being referred to. Our comprehensive training program equips our participants with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in the workforce.

This process ensures that our participants are introduced to your processes and procedures as employees before they start working with you.

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