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Our Programs


Ready for Work

The Pathways to Employment Job Ready Programs is a pre-employment initiative designed to
support African Australians who have been long-term unemployed, disadvantaged, or disengaged into long term and suitable employment.


Cultural Awareness Workshop

Cultural Awareness Training aimed at increasing individuals' understanding and appreciation
of African culture.


Cultural Sensitive Counselling

Kowanj has taken the initiative to bring experienced and qualified
professional counselors on board to assist with our many programs and day-to-day
interactions with our job seekers to ensure that they are getting the mental support
they need.

Support Group

The Fresh Start Transformation Program

The Fresh Start Program is designed to give ex-offenders a second chance by helping them
reintegrate into the workplace.


Holistic Women's Program

The Holistic Women’s Program addresses the challenges and barriers women from disadvantaged, disengaged, and CALD (Culturally and Linguistically Diverse) backgrounds face when seeking employment.

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